The Farmer

Written by: Stephan McBride

The farmer thought out his plan
How he would prepare his land
He knew the seasons to come
And how  to prepare for each
For his son he began to teach
How all thing sprout from this seed
And to protect it from this weed
For, if the weeds hover around
It blocks the sunlight for it to grow
Therefore, can not produce or show
Not knowing which way to go
But if you take away its weeds
It grows toward the sunlight 
Standing strong and producing many
He says now son 
We will give them water
For they shall absorb and stand firm
Growing above others for all to see
We shall plant them in 
the most nourished soil
Providing a solid foundation
Not to blow over
As the storms come
Looking after their every need
For their shall be many for us to feed