Written by: James Bourdeau

Sulked and sat. That’s what you have done. 
A new person’s life you’ve barley begun. 
I watch you now in your time of despair. 
Thinking about how you’ve changed and no longer care. 

Your body is raped and your mind has been torn, 
I sit here hoping for each day no more. 
It’s hard to watch and painful to see, 
The life you chose has now been thrust onto me.
 You need to get better, why can’t you see. 
Life is precious and your not who I need you to be. 

I want you to go back to the person you were, 
I’ll be by your side and aid as a cure. 
You have the strength we both know it so, 

So let’s go together and take some control.
There is a light we both see it near.
But you dead and gone is my only fear.