Written by: maria gothard

Deep inside I feel and touch
As tears within of sadness creep
Like flowing river
Emerging wildly, lost in ocean
Write, and tell to human forces
Their corruption will be silenced

Tears of Humanity's plight
To be free, as intended
Yet corruptive egotistical mind
Has lost compassion for it's Founder
Ah, shake your scull and rattle bones
For in the end dust will gather.

Wise you say you are
Gathering wealth beneath your feet.
You steal, you rob, you suffocate
Surpressing others with wicket ways
Who do you steal from? I ask
One greater than you stands.

Hear this riddle you poor
One who owns all will emerge
And bring to its end all tears
Humanity's tears like harvest reaped
Quest of destruction genocide silenced
Trumpet of victory heard in silence....