Only I Stay

Written by: Marylyn Trujillo

I am so tired of being treated like a fool
i always hear you say that u want to leave 
at times am just ready to say go am done 
i left everything for you , and yet i get nothing.
Am just so tired of everything!!! 

I get so sad i cry at times when i take a shower 
i just sit there let the water run down my skin
think of the past and remember the good things
that happened to me i miss them so much!!!

I dont get to see my family if i even talk to my mom
i hear what did you tell her dont tell her about
our relationship !!! i get so tired of you my life is so 
hard like living in the inferno !!! I wish i was back 
in my own life to make my decisions not have a heartless 
guy do it!

The only thing i want is just to be able to be myself 
i hate having to pretend to do everything right i make
mistakes i want to say what i want when i want to 
i just want to be me Cant u understand!!

My life wasnt all that perfect but back in the day i 
had fun was able to be myself !! But i just want
respect someone to let me be me !!

why must you tell me what to do?? You dont 
even trust me to go to the store by myself!!!! 
i hate you at times but am just so hurt that life is 
this way how did i let this happen !! 

How do i change life as we know it ???  sometimes i
wish i was departured from you why do u tell me that 
you say you dont even love your own son You 
know how that makes me feel !!!??  You dont 
because you dont care !!