Written by: maria gothard

In the midst of upheaval 
I heard
Burning the poppy fields
Planted instead foods to heal
Feeding not destroying
My inner space  sang out
Eyes begun tearing delight
For evil replaced healthy feedings
Hope of new beginnings

In the midst of dark cold nights
Heard were footsteps  loud
For in the mist frozen hearts
Did any stretch out helping hand

Sad heard sounds many tears
Come out of slumber
Greed by war greed by drugs
Greed by power greed by money

In the end what is found
All lay side by side my friend
Not one better than another
Those who do good, penalized 

Now that was written by only me
One seed sprinkled not by greed
And so let poppy fields come clean
Wars and greed no more be

Give each back that which is theirs
Clean the world from poisons deep
Only you the multitudes
All is really in own hands you see.    Selah