Written by: maria gothard

Complexity of human minds
Somber thoughts occupies slumbers
In the night the sound is deaf
Massless dreams useless thoughts.

In the day performed are dreams
Desolate, like deserts sand huddles
Heatrd to loss of purified waters
Heap upon heap smothering another.

Out of the deserts bones and sculls
Softly weeping, quench this thirst.

To late to far for human race?
Whispers heard ever so gentle soft
Awake, awake, wake you multitudes
Take care of all of your brothers.

Yet the staff with gold adorned
Speaks another with poison tongue
Listen not to the still,still voice
For I am the ruler of this world.

Oh skull and bones empty you are
In a whisper your days are numbered 
Rulers you think you are,rich adorned
Your time is, yet it will fall like all others.

In one breath of purification, a calmness
Amidst the rumbles of wars and greed
The Earth will stand in all of its splendor
To those who hunger their thirst be quenched.

Humanity listen to the ever so small voice
Give no heed to the voice of this world
Rome the leader to doom predicted
Ah. men a sheep, a specie to be pitied.