In Conversation

Written by: rinki nandy

Appear in my eyes and give them reddish beauty,
warm pearly pearl
don't run down my cheek,
they look pretty in my eyes,
don't reach for my lips you embarrassing creature,
I despise your taste,
don't let the covers stop you,
you must evolve out of my being,
don't crave for my skin,
just stay there my shiny drops,
fill the gaps, complete my eyes,
wash the kohl and the mascara,
don't touch the paper,
you are fake and selfish,
have some patience please,
don't hurry and rush out,
stick to eyes only you drunk drops,
don't support my senses,
run out the door, I won't shut them tight, 
don't teach me your lessons and episodes,
disappear once you are through with your monologue.