Four Words, One reason

Written by: Autumn Page

I knew what it said before I even opened it
But when I unfolded the letter, it hit
Water washing over me, coming undone
Instantly forgetting everything we were to become
Those thoughts and you were in the past
My prayers unanswered on hoping this would last
I threw away the pain and the matches
Blowing the flame, before the fire would catch us
we were already burning before you even left
Forty three days and I still haven't slept
Thoughts of us just kept keeping me awake
Next time I would fall away before you could take
what isn't yours, now I'm here on your street
What am I going to prove, is this even for me
Or for the satisfaction of its self 
Or for you to go through pure hell
Like I did, if you read this I hope you know
I would have said something as I watched you go
My words were not vocal, better through poem
Whoever is reading this, I hope you never know him