My Sources Of Joy

Written by: Darrin Funk

In slowing my breath I embody delight.
My mind is peacefully still, comforted
in meditation by compassionate warmth.
I am consumed by effortless pleasure,
enraptured and filled with a sublime bliss
which holds me in a spiritual embrace.

In stretching out my arms and embracing
my lover when we meet, a most delightful
feeling ignites my heart, a passionate bliss,
radiating devotion, providing comfort.
Tender loving affection, fueled with pleasure,
is the only fire which keeps me warm.

In holding my child and feeling her warm
breath upon my skin I am eager to embrace
responsibility.  It is a real pleasure
providing for her and seeing the delighted
expressions which spring from a comfortable
home filled with happiness and bliss.

In charity and kindness, I realized bliss
may be shared with others. A hot meal or warm
bed is all that is required to give comfort
to a starving soul in need of my embrace.
Generous deeds that are sown with delight
will provide a harvest of infinite pleasure.

In pursuing pastimes I find pleasurable,
I am transported to worlds of blissful
proficiency where volumes of delightful
expertise give me instruction. Warmed
by information and fully embracing
understanding, I find cerebral comfort.

In recollecting my past I am comforted
by a lifetime of true contentment. Pleasures
remembered are all I need to embrace
the future with true confidence. Blissfully,
I reminisce and bathe in the soothing warmth
of a life replete with bountiful delights.

The comfort I derive from these simple pleasures
is a sweet embrace, saturated with bliss
and the unparalleled warmth of perfect delight.