The Farmer

Written by: charmane bellen

The day starts with a coffee simmering hot
cold breeze entering his mind, waking his soul
dressed in ready put on his hat,
his mind, heart and soul are packed
ready to go on the fields of life.

Starts to work as the aurora shines
work on the field to sprout the seeds
to harvest in time for the food they eat.

Never complained, works 'till the sun  is up
the old man break, ate his lunch
prepared by wife so loving and kind.
Minutes later stood up and work again
toil  the soil, 'till ready to plant
sow the seeds and do some crops.
Find some vegetables for his wife to cook
some fruits to bring  for his children's joy.

Never complains work 'till dark
for the heavy load he have got, smile still on
the face of tired and pity old.