For the Price of Freedom

Written by: verlecia fields

we are at the deepest betrayal 
which began at the breast of soured milk
wolfish is the womb of a religious maternal presents 
suffer unto the 
that child who 
will nerve be free 

for what place dose religion
have among sinners 
but to be at the head of the table   

you, fool me not old demon of altered greed 
i know you come only for power 
and not to set me free 

i will not sale you my soul
for it dose not belong too me

my sins are lessened with every pray 
and only he seems to give some mercy 
too me

my eyes, have been poisoned with pork 
that i do not eat 
my body has been inhibited
by Bacillus anthracis (ANTHRAX)
my Stomach has been colonized 
with the biology of parasites  

the price i have payed 
to try and be free...