Forever Me and You

Written by: Kaila B.A

When I said goodbye
We walked our diffrenet ways
Then you turned your face to see me leave
I was there still standing with tears in my eye

You came running to hold me
We kissed under the rain
I took a nap and slept the night
You told me you would never leave me

Then you woke me up to let me watch you leave
I couldn't stop you and you were gone
You were gone so far, i lost you
As the tree in fall,  lost all it's precious leaves

Yet, i have found you
Your sad looks were on your pretty face
I know you still love me
I know you just can't leave me too

I tried to hold your hand
I tried to see your face
I saw the looks in your eyes, asking me to let you go
How could i let an angel fall from Eve's yard

I looked you in the eyes
You asked me to close them ,you didn't want me to see cry
How could I pretend to be blind 
When there is a shiney diamond between my hands

I can't let you go 
You are the candle of my life
Let's walk the hardest road holding hands 
Repeating everyday, for ever me and you