The Painting

Written by: mary bannister

Swirls of shaded patina,
Harmonizing together, 
Soften severity of life.
A parade of leaves, 
Green frond-like flecks,
Spellbound flutters in the wind, 
Tickle nearby pools,
As these aquamarine beauties, 
Deceive each passing manifestation. 

Bold ebony definition, 
Screaming for attention,
Draws awareness to the dimensions within.
Stark reality destroying fragile illusions,
Leave painful mementos behind.

Specks of ivory dappled skies, 
Provide temporary castles in the heavens.
Shimmering, dazzling buoyancy
Pick us back up one more time.

Muted gray silhouettes disguise the truth,
As hidden secrets remain unusually silent.
Purgatory in midair!
An undulation back and forth
With an ambiguity -knocking us over.

Focused vibrant similes, 
Captivating and amusing,
Profound, flamboyant interpretations,
Sustaining suspense
Catch us totally off guard: vulnerable.
Contradicting prior perceptions!

Crying tinges running away with the honor,
Of being noticed first,
Stop all reflection,
Clarifying once and for all
What is genuine, what is false.

A beautiful permutation
Whisking us off, 
Yet homecoming us
To the inevitable.

The painting