How Could I Have Been So Blind

Written by: Stephan McBride

How Could I have Been So Blind

How could I have been so blind
Not to see what is happening in these times
All I saw was dark
Lord your word and love
Created a spark
While putting joy in thy heart
It’s sad the world teaches to live against you
Our Savior that is pure and true
How could I have been so blind
But the world had taught
Me to live moment for its time
Chasing pleasures and world’s delights
Thank you Lord
For coming and giving me sight
Teaching me to turn from sin
For my soul I shall win
Taking it one day at a time
Not worrying of what tomorrow shall find
Knowing you are in control
of the past, present, and future to come
I thrive on your word to 
Make me uproot and sprout
For you take away all doubt
You have shown me
One thing that will remain
This is your word and name
As you will always reign