the bad guy

Written by: Micah Smith

I've made so many bad choices,
listen to so many bad voices,
if i could i'd go back in life i would rehears this,
so i could come back to now to try and reverse this,

are there other bad people in the world? ....ofcourse,
but there cant be anyone else with as many flaws,
its as if bad habits hold me down with claws,
and my guilty conscience eat away at me as if it had jaws,

being the bad guy, evil and wicked,
didnt bring good only got me evicted,
from my family, friends and the whole town,
im homeless when they see me they pon and laugh as if im a clown,

everytime i come around its like am the gray skies,
no one wants to be around my kind of guys,
so whiles every one has fun i sit be hind the tree and watch them like a spy,
then i think of what i should have done and where i could have bin and cry,

i got up and ran then dug my self a grave then just waited to die......