Written by: Micah Smith

Your my God and my king,
your the reason why i sing,
you give my joy, hope and faith,
i cant wait to meet you at heavens gate,

angels sang the night you were born,
from then you protected the world all along,
i always pictured you in a bright white robe,
so amazing in seven days you created the whole globe,

with you and your 12 disciples a new era ocurred,
thats why in every country your word was heard,
you came down on earth to do your will,
when the seas were rough you said "peace be still",

im so thankful you died for me,
but whats amazing is salvation is free,
but i dont understand you paid so high a price,
and if you had to you'd give your life twice,

as a sinner i lived with a sin sent,
but i wanted to change so i was told " just repent"
from the heart i gave God everything,
and he took me in under his wing,

i felt like a new man,
i sat there and cried and lifted up my hands,
now im not afriad to die because he lives in me,
and when that time comes i'll finally be free........