True story of a fated life

Written by: Anthony Dover

I was ripped out of my mother's womb by caesarian,
Punished for years in purgatorial syatem schools,
Abused in a paedophilic cult until I was seventeen,
fell truly madly deeply,
They saw to that,
Bought a van tried to escape them,
they stole my home,
Put me in an asylum,
Drove me on like snow,
Acieve, achieve only cruelty,
Suicide six times,
Then artistic genius,
Burning like a gem like flame,
Drugs alcohol, homelessness fights,
Sleepless nights,
Fame world fame,
Immaculate conception,
then heavenly rejection,#
Now 35 death at new year,
They say they will stick me for sure if I celebrate,
I'm not scared now,
As death is my victory.