hearts warmth

Written by: Micah Smith

my love for my mother is impossible to measure,
the mom i have i wouldn't trade  for treasure,

my mom deserves the sun, moon and stars,
if i could i'd build  her a better world than this on mars,

when we talk she gives me hope, faith and sight,
she raised me right, made sure i always had a bite and tucked me in at night,

this is why my heart's warmth towards my mother can never go cold,
you see my love for my mother is worth more than gold,

you cant price this,
its priceless,

my love for  her is steeper than a mountain,
and deeper than a river,

endless like a fountain,
unbelievable to the mine and makes even me shiver,

she's my mom i'll shout it out loud,
everything she's  done makes me proud,

that day i almost lost you,
i didn't care what it cost to,

make you feel better,
i still caught a plane to see you even  in the hurracaine weather,

she always chose me over any guy that lived in a large mansion,
thats why i love her and im glad she my mom and im her big son.........