NINJA words

Written by: jason lewis

I am freestyle 
Dark day’s dark tress startreck 
Beam me up scotey and take me away  
Four those days that I have missed and still reminisced  
Soon this will all co-exceed into the mist 
I am a ninja an acoustic ninja to words and sounds
You can bend words and sounds to picture minds and souls 
Blend words to find the mind and seek to dust 
Words beat fighting, fighting solves instant emotions
Words kill the soul four ever long as you grow 
These are my words as a ninja to sound 
We are all round and found our sound 
So don’t fight, just bite the words and say aloud
Combine your lyrics, as a lyrical genius 
They may be a penis but so may you?
We try to take it slow to be a lady 
Just doing things that couples in love do
Enter the ninja , you are a butterfly I need your Samira
Taking it to the next flow 
I think about you in freaky visions you are butterfly 
I need your production, I am a ninja I am razor shape 
Rolling with the SOS my style is UFO  
Oh ET oh, my name is that b*tch 
Your sun down your sun done 
Rocking like this, your run down, sun dust to collect interest
We in the club growing taller