In His Herd

Written by: Stephan McBride

To Follow The Lord's Herd

These poems are not my words
I am just one following his herd
There was a time 
When I would have balled up in fright
If I knew someone was reading 
what I had to write
It seems I was as far away as one could be
but yet the Lord was there to set me free
I used to run with the Blind Guide
But I can now see 
The Lord was always by my side
Allowing me to grow stronger
When I let Him in my door
I felt the love like none before
The new thoughts was then instilled 
and all empty holes began to be filled
The Lord has taught me what to say
without Him would
 just  be another lost day
I write to encourage all
because once all I could do was fall
I know He lives
from me writing this poem
and one day 
we shall have an eternal home