They and Me

Written by: Munazza Kazmi

I know not what is this bittersweet
feel as I am trodden by the feet...
...Oh, so dark!...of lonliness
crushed by its smirking ruthlessness.
Battered and bruised by the emotional pain,
enmeshed in a web of tears and pain.
'??',you may quire, and all I can say
you have No idea, how miserable are THEY.
They are wanting to advance stepping on shoulders,
their way should be clear- others, all boulders.
And so empty vessels never a chuckle suppress- 
they can only loudly mock and depress.
And THEY define lonely, how sad is love lorn
Lives should be hooded in night, forget morn!
Ah! They only know to blur twinkling eyes,
for they only know how to turn laughter to cries.
They only know how joy is sucked out from souls,
they only know how to leave a heart full of holes.
But I know I´ll come out, I know I´ll be free-
today they may laugh, one day they´ll praise me!
And then my incessant caterwauling
will take the much awaited swing...
and THAT moment I´ll rejoice, as pure ecstasy
I know its not too far....I´ll reach....its easy.
So its best to let the bacchanalias bawl,
´cause with the stones they throw, its a BRIDGE, not a wall!