In Spirit and Truth

Written by: Stephan McBride

Worship In Spirit and In Truth

Lord you say worship in spirit and truth
While I encourage all to find and keep you in youth
The Lord knocks of all doors
No concern whether rich or poor
Many tend to judge the cover of the book
While the Lord reads and takes a look
Seems many these days want praise
Have they forgotten the only one who can raise
While many compare themselves to other’s behavior
One should compare their life to our savior
This world is full of evil and greed
But the Lord knows your every need
And wants to plant his seed
Many seem to only care for money
While the word of God is like honey
Many dream to become rich
Just make sure not to stumble in a ditch
There are many blind guides
Turn to the Lord and he shall come to your side
Being a comforter is these wicked times
While taking you by your hand
Leading you to his promised land
Many say show me a sign
Turn to the Lord and he shall renew your mind
Look at the sun when it begins to rise
As the ocean brings is the tides
Each day he paints the sky
As the birds begin to sing and fly
While we shall lift his name up high