Thank you Lord

Written by: Stephan McBride

Thank You Lord

Jesus you laid down your life for me
So I put my faith and trust in thee
The evil within tries to overtake
But I flee and resist for my soul’s sake
I stay focused on thy Lord
And yield temptations with thy sword
I turned from thy sins
And new life began
Lord, you taught me the way
And showed me I was drifting astray
Following the wandering sheep
That fled at the strike of the Shepherd’s greet
You cut down the trees and cleared a path
For those who walk it will escape the wrath
You planted the field with seeds
In hope of sprouting good deeds
It is only through your grace and mercy
That you give water, for those who drink shall never be thirsty
You are thy foundation
And deliverance out of salvation
You washed the stains from thy robe
And filled me with the spirit to stand bold
Saving me from death
And giving me everlasting breath
I wait patiently for the day
When the Lord will say
My child I am pleased 
You have endured to the end
Now Come On In