Wishes and Kisses

Written by: Autumn Page

We danced to Jack Johnson under the blue and pink skies
And I was so lost in that beautiful look in your eyes
I totally forgot where I was, who I was to be
But what did it matter, I was so happy, so free
I never ever want to forget that look in your face
or how lost I became in your embrace
I wanted this moment with you to last forever
Us under the stars, that feeling in my heart, us together 
I knew nothing was going to end this
Your name, and your kiss, forever on my lips
Sway, sway, one step at time, I was in heaven 
For sure, the moon held high in the sky at eleven 
This was everything I wanted, A beautiful night
Nothing stopping us, you never leaving my side
Who I am kidding, this was no fairytale
This was reality, your love left by a beautiful trail
Come on, Come on, say those words again
Slow my heart, and pull me in 
I'll lay in my bed, playing last night over and over again
If God wants to take me now, I'll be sad
but content because I know I have lived, sad
I will be leaving the one I love 
But happy I will be loved from those above
So darling tonight lets make our wishes
and share our love and sweet kisses