Written by: Izzy Gumbo



my notes again
left scattered
upon the wind
with your name
on every one
became waving
streams of sun
shining dreams
my heart undone
and i watched…

while your name

flowers growing
under the moon
springing forth
into midnight dew
shimmers of gold
silver and blue
Natures bow
before the rain

it took just one
glance to know
and a fire became
from a waters flow
a sense with ease
creating breeze
dripping life
onto rooted trees
the embers
began to fall…....

a storm grew
a pulse became
the sound of true
and stars danced
within planets too
a timely romance
creations brew
Nature knows
from where it comes

i watched as I
became your name
and then my eyes
became the rain
upon a soft grass
on a golden shore
innocent creatures
creation adores
and I was bound
by your vow

you became the sea
and not quite awake
i came to be
the gentle form
of energy
that rocks with you.

are grounding
your name became

a hot cherry dropped
onto cool solutions
and a steam rose

burning hot
as Love