Ten Four

Written by: Izzy Gumbo

who knew
sounds like YOU

bravo romeo
you’re at the hotel
whiskey at the bar
and papas doing well
he played two rounds
and his echo said tell
juliet his sweet
that an oscar cost a mill
....get dressed
almost time for the ball

the mr.mc.melon 
made a million dollar call

Yankee doodled a candy
November is handy
for remembering
to give our thanks

Fox trotted to the bank
and booked a flight
x-ray vision 
wants to dance tonight

charlie says to victor
“i knew she could hear”
just slow to bet 
she is a sweet 
my dear
i do
i owe you 
one kilo

“horse knows the way
to carry a sleigh so it's
off to the 'hood, we go”

the delta is wet
there are beans 
in a net
and a play...
is what she swings
;) x.wings.

~just for fun

i like to dance