Upon Seeing A Girl

Written by: Audonus Taylor

If I could depart from reality,
and overlook the night's mask
upon the grieving girl, who
exudes the royalty of my perceived
utopia, then by words and emotions
entwined and compelled, love could
transform the mediocrity of my terabithia,
into the enchanting vision of a heavens
background, and create the paradox
of a lover's xanadu

For within her eyes, could lie the
tremble of a paradise lost, found,
imagined, and wished into the world
of my endured isolation, by the mere
greeting of strangers, I could be possessed
again by the spirit of Romeo, and see
within her eyes, the soul of my Juliet,
Embarking on the foreshadowed promise
of a poet's discovery of his eternal muse,
Or assume that by her grace, I was meant
to be salvaged from myself, and loved
clean of every single lapse in faith

Thus by a smile and unending moment,
when eyes align and release gazes that
pierce the pain of past, and deftly penetrate
the pathway, to the secluded vulnerability of
the rues and desires of the heart, I uncover
the sweetness that sleeps within her presence,
and she shelters the tenderness in mine, For 
a moment we know one another, and as we
both know the magic that could be born from
the innocence of a fortuitous meeting, 

Hearts alike shield themselves rather than 
risk future agony, As I am her and she is me,
 A goodbye is established before the hello infatuates us,
Thus hearts alike choose to cherish the perfection
of a romantic moment, And never degrade the only
blink in time, when human nature allowed us 
to be "perfect" soul mates, by definition,