Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

How are you feeling today, Are you full of hope and inspiration? Or is life proving a little too much Bringing you to the point of desperation? Are things really as bad as they seem? Sometimes bacause of imagination; We build up fear and disappointment in our minds Where we star in a tradgedy of our own creation, Making our world seem an unfair place And despair a downward destination...... That's why we need a little thing called TRUST And to have a positive intonation--- Try saying ALL IS WELL And BELIEVE in its' implication. And even if things are really that bad It will at least give strength to face the situation. It might even turn things around; For when we give HOPE and TRUST an invitation To work their magic in our lives, To them their is no limitation. So whenever you're feeling negative, Welling up with fear and indetermination, Remember these words-ALL IS WELL And let them be your life's inspiration.