Orphan way of Lifes perspective

Written by: Hitendra Mehta

On celebration day visited Orphanage
Wishing to plant smile on orphan lips over sponsored dinner
Surprised, Orphans greeted with warm smile as if family get together 
Meet Time catapulting perspective of living with grace

Content faces, bitterness dissolved in sweet acceptance of life 
And in contrast my Lifes clock ticking all the time to accumulate
Losing cultural values, gaining ego, hunting equilibrium of fate  
Meet raising curiosity to rewind Lifes clock for insight into materialistic strife  

Ashamed at life being worse than Orphans, resolved to live with cheer 
Since that time smile is uppermost in mind whether on self or others lips
Heart with rein on anger and greed, life blissfully leaping forward in steps
Meet unfolding, parents though best teachers Orphans this TIME more did offer
By Hitendra Mehta
Entry for Members Contest - Once upon a "Time" by Barbara Gorelick