For You I Was Made

Written by: Marie Harrison

For You I Was Made
My eyes are midnight blue 
And my heart is aglow for you
But Lucia is my given name

I’m six foot two and five rows
Behind you but anywhere around you
Is where I wish to reign

I am a quiet gentle man with strong hands
And I have a long ashen mane

Each night I dream of softly
Kissing your rosebud lips
And hourglass hips
Until I do I’ll 
Go wildly insane

When I sleep at night 
As I dream of you each night
I yearn to lick your sweetness
Like a striped candy cane

If only one night I could ride you
Like a long midnight train

Please don’t pull away
From me because I’m  
 plain insane

Eventually my love for you will surely
Bring me great shame

My fire for you is so raging hot
To quench it 
Please let the skies 
Pour with rain

We could spend eternity together
But still my passion for
You could never be contained

Because your laughter shoots
Me to a higher star
Filled celestial plain

Your bronze dusted 
Amber eyes draw me
To your golden heart vein

Each day I know you’re on the earth
I strut proudly with my head high
Like an elegant wood crane

From your heavenly jasmine scent
I shall never abstain

Please be gentle with me
I’m your vigilant servant
And when it comes 
To worshiping you
I have no shame

My love for your beauty and
Charms shall never wane

For you
My heart and soul
Was made.