Psycho In Love

Written by: Felipe Vasquez

Ok love…I am sorry I hit you yesterday…
But darling I love you… that’s just how I react
When push comes to shove baby
My fists sometimes attack…
And as I have you on a stranglehold
And you try to wiggle your way free
Just know that I love you
And that we were meant to be…
I don’t like having you like this
All beaten up and bleeding on the floor
But I love you so much that I won’t let go
No matter how many scratches I have to endure
Oh baby I love you so much
And as I have you tied to the bed
I just want you to know my love…
That sometimes love is painted in red!
Don’t worry after this the gun wound has passed
You and I will once again unite
I am following right behind you
So please don’t try to fight!
After I’m done with you..
I will also kill myself straight through the head
We will walk through heaven together
With no hint of regret!!!