Honey Color

Written by: Izzy Gumbo

water glistening
shadows my wall
reflections listening 
”...I can hear…”
I can feel your call
”.... you move the music….”
and I’m pleased
”...you tease the midnight…”
and with ease
I’m swaying 
to the breeze
and it’s brilliant 
the enchantment
of your eyes
flickering light
along my seaside 
I can breathe 
and being tHere
I’ll believe
”...that it’s right…”
so write to me
on the honey 
colored walls
and just to me
so by eve I’ll fall
embracing the lines 
of a timeless art
coloring my world
sun set to start

”...the sun rises
as a perfect heart…”
and if nothing else
I’ll touch this part.