This Christmas

Written by: Felipe Vasquez

Last Christmas I was so surprised
You gave me your heart but then said goodbye…
Wasn’t so sure if I should just move on or cry…
But with you out of my life, I wanted to die…
That very Christmas wasn’t as merry
Told myself it would be different come January…
Cleared my head and said it will be change next year
Find someone I can trust and who truly cares
So this Christmas I smile knowing you fled
Because now I have a Christmas with no regret
That this… this girl is the one
To make this Christmas awesome and fun
This Christmas I will laugh I will smile
Thanking God that our hearts did collide…
With this I must move on and seek a new beginning
Make a new life worth living
Prepare for a year worth giving…
A song worth singing
This Christmas I have you
A girl so perfect through and through
There’s just so much I want to do
To make your Christmas a happy  and joyous one too!