I am the other Woman

Written by: Lashawn Wilkins

I am the other woman!

I am the other woman!
What woman am I?
Does she look like me?
I smile, laugh and get things done
I am the other one.
He asked me to leave for her
She wants what I want,
But he doesn't notice
He tells everyone how he can't go on 
With me being the one,
So I look outside to find my pride
And I notice a man sitting on a porch
And he says to me,
Hi, are you in a hurry
No, I reply and then with a sigh,
I ask why,
Because I'm looking for a mate to whom I can relate
And I stare back at him,
Did he just hear me leave?
The wind blew through the trees
And I realized why I am worried,
About what he just asked,
To make room for her
When I know from all my studying and all my experience
That all I have to do is stand,
Because I am the other Woman!