My Time

Written by: Noel Villarosa

29 November 2010

My Time

Time is laid upon me
To nourish by virtue and unspoiled
Choose from a road – concrete or soiled
Learn the ropes from every tempting epitome

Chasing time or run out of time
Precisely or faulty, I succumbed to pressure
From naïve unsteady step to a walk in paseo of adventure
Hustle and bustle of the big city, daytime ‘til nighttime

I maybe at the halfway of my life, for another part, I pray
For life is ephemeral, newborn will exist, like cycle of seasons
Recurring and invigorating promise, to exist for a reason
Rhythm in time, but in life, we skip and leap to purvey

So I am here, tired and tried
Able to catch up the time, ready to convey succession
Of endless chain of human chronicle collection
In my end time, I may say, I chased life with pride