I live in the paragraph

Written by: Son Winter

in the middle of the atmosphere guided by the brightness of the fog that was and will be a 
transformation assumes. The attraction of mental concepts consume the being who is armed 
with a wonderful hyperdermic filled with scriptures imprint. Everlasting stains made and 
confined to the lines of creative guidance. projective influence unfolds leaving the spine 
chilled at the mad brilliance of thoughts un-leashed. The ending result of injection leads to 
oohs, aahs, tears, smiles and beautiful migranes of astonishment. a flow is possesed as if 
indulgence was beneath the oceans blanket. within the pupils the effect of potency can be 
seen, the one behind it smirks at the steps closer to immortality. Waste not time with useless 
delays, send the accolades, I live in the Paragraph.
The temperature drops and within the midst of the artic influence an extension of the hand is 
revealed, with chilling details manuvers are set in motion as the un-thinkable is thought of 
and created. Behold an alien tattooist bringing outer world concepts to life, or so it may 
seem. conversations on clouds, tears bottled within the ocean, a promise of the dolphins 
secret. Coincedences that are yet to exist, similiar to that of a god of sorts unto the 
following.  Relax and breathe as thy minds eye breeds intoxication like fantasies heated 
within a spoon resulting in nouns that suffocate the lines, verbs that bite and amazing 
sentences that may never end. thy soul is the literature, I am of the story and it is of me, in 
honesty it must surely be known that, I live in the paragraph.