Come Raging Fire

Written by: Ryland Matthews

Come, raging fire, and cleanse from my soul that
 “Greatest” of all words … HOPE.
 I have seen the detritus of this life and have known
 The grandest of songs and still  
I am left wanting. A blackness gapes within my heart,
 A place of infinite sorrows
 Where nightmares would go to die, and still I have not
 Glimpsed the darkest of you,
 The seed that you sew, and that has thus been implanted
 Into this thing called humanity
 That keeps us raging, that keeps us steadfast in completing 
A self-fulfilling prophesy that only
 Propagates, that thing called sorrow. So take this blade … this cold
 Thing that we all know of as hate
 And plunge it with all haste into the vortex that is “never ending”. 
Show it the home that it left …. 
Millennia ago by your choosing and bring it back with all wrath
 To the place that sent it seeking. 
For the children of man want you not for anything but reminiscence,
 And know this, that though
The darkness may reign it wouldn’t be there without the light,
 And with a quickness all that you Know
 Can be erased. So bring forth lightning and bring forth thunder,
 Spew out your arrogance for all to know
Let the earth tremble at the sound of your name but know that within you …. There is a soul.