Is this your neighborhood

Written by: Anton Brockenbrough

Everything ain't all good with these boyzn the hood 
They speacialize in weapons like teachers give lessons
Like post convicts master deception 
It's "A Time To Kill" on "2300 Jackson street" 
And these situations repeat and they "Die Hard"
Children on drugs suffering from wounds and scars 
Daddy and mommy behind bars
And it's a "Nightmare on Elm Street"
Right up the street from "Dawsons creek" 
Just around the corner from "one tree hill"
Not nearly  near any of those places but still
Cause these places prolly don't have people with masked faces 
Running and escaping from someone they just killed
Back in the hood they went from poor to poorer
 people afraid to go to the corner store because of the horror
Robbing and shooting crazy people looting
To hatred they're constantly saluting
Drug black people so this pain gets deeper than the "deep blue sea" parents leaving their children "home 
While they watch MTV it's some sort of "obsession"
In other parts of the country
While children in the ghetto are hungry
Daddy ain't home anymore so they're lonely
Little infant child has no food so he's bony
So she can't deal with it and so she finds a way to deal wit it
It's either buy it or steal it in her mindset it's legitimate 
But that's what you get when they put us in positions where we automatically forfeit
We live in cities where there is broken asphalt and concrete 
Life would be so sweet if we lived in a place like "sesame street"
Cause I bet that street never reeks
Where love is filled up to the top And it never leaks
Meanwhile back at the projects got sophisticated criminals
And most of the time their crime is never at the minimal
They're so evil they will even try to rob God
Open wide and taste the truth it's no longer homicide
It's genocide