Just everything

Written by: sarah hales

Just everything you do for me makes me smile
Your little sayings that shows me who you are
All of you is pure your tender kisses I hold dear
For you are what a heart is all about 

The confidence you bring to my soul 
You dont even know you are doing so
Passion in all passion melts my body inside to out
A moment of wishes is what I see delivered within you

A man stands infront of me a man more than any man 
I have hoped of a mate to share my life with and to love
To join in with my laughter and for our tears to taken away
It is just you that makes me proud to say I love you

To me you are richer than any jewel 
Taller in status than any mountain
I would give my life for you
Knowing it is your kiss that awakes with me 

I listen to your pounding heart the way it races
My head layed upon your chest its softness I crave
I am what I am but with you I am the woman now complete
To me you are just everything a man should be ....