The Sun

Written by: Olusegun Akanbi

                                              THE SUN
How you shine upon our entire race
And you bring us life with every motherly embrace
Crimson is the color of your face	
In the azure sky
Your motherly warmth is a friend to all plants, man and beast
Time for siesta now rise in the east
Off to work again 
Now set in the west
You have the heart of Venus
And the talents of Apollo
Fairer than Helen of Troy
In your hands here lies humanity’s soul
You re the lighthouse of the universe
You illuminate the dark valleys of the cosmos
And unveil its unopened mysteries
Time’s chariot may fly
But your ageless beauty will never die
So come on to me most high
Mother of Re
With uraeus for a crown
And a golden disc for a scepter
You milk us daily with your ambrosial nectar
Flowing from your bosom
Mother of mothers	
Father of fathers
Dictator of life.

By Olu Akanbi
Copyright 2003