What it means to be human

Written by: Chris Abideen

Mind plagued by demons, thoughts irrational, delusion is my only friend;

What it means to be human, the very essence, totality, the truth is often a bitter pill;

They take for granted happiness, satisfaction...My misery and petty existence is cloaked, 
cryptic, the hidden message is often the hardest truth;

But who is to blame, disillusioned like sightseeing through the kaleidoscope of life and death;

This misery, this misery, this misery.......

Like a smoldering fire, ready to ignite without warning;

Antagonised by my own reflection;

Won’t someone hear the call of the desperate man, isolated and lonely like dim stars in a 
cloudy sky;

I dream to be a role model, but my intentions are often expressed by anger;

Picking up pieces of my past, perilous to touch just like shattered glass;

My demons, my demons, my demons.......

Why won’t they just leave me alone?

I want to be normal again, but then again...do I crave something I never was?

Psychosis consumes my very soul, what it means to be human, the very essence, totality......