Beaten not Forgotten

Written by: SKAT A

Tired of facing reality!
My life is tied and beaten to a pole, like the color black.
Facing life with no possibility.
Facing life's judgment with a brutal attack.
A slave to my own grave, avoiding my sensuality.
Taking a life beat that felt like a whip on my back
I found a way to disowned my responsibility,
Finally, I found that runaway track.
Forgetting who I am, I only feel the flaws of my abnormality.
Finding comfort in a noose, suffocating my own air sac.
Tired of living a life of my own self-brutality.
Falling from a tall tree onto a crack.
In hell, I found myself, to his captivity.
Ending my course, to join another Scat full of piled pack.

Only in hell, they see me as ~ Beaten but never forgotten soul.
At least that is how my story will unfold.
~ S ~