Love is truth-a joy for ever-

Written by: Dr.Ram Mehta

True love never dies it’s black and white in books
Love is not love that alters when  finds alteration
Love stories are fantasies giving joy to the world
Ideal love is an object set for lovers, for example
Lust may be without love, but love will have both
Lust short love eternal, love inner lust outer beauty.

Farhad, fell in love with Shirin, the Persian beauty
tragic love story looks like a black and white in book
Love was sweet but to rid pain  was sacrifice for both,
Love was true and both never tried to find alteration,
Love was only an ideal object to attain, for example
The love story of Shirin-Farhad is famous in the world.

Story of Orpheus-Eurydice not famous to the world
Orpheus fell in love with and married, a nymph beauty
But it is ideal love, for the lovers to attain for example
Love story is, like Shirin-Farhad, a black & white in book
Pure love with one mistake of Orpheus with an alteration
Walk ahead, not to look back, followed not advices both.

Pocahontas-John Smith of Virginia is a modern example
Of Jamestown, Tidewater, story of love and sacrifice both
Account of Indian princess and Englishman, in Smith’s book
A great story of unfulfilled love, little known to the world
Later baptized as Rebecca, married Rolfe, not a real beauty
Met Smith in London once, though with a little alteration.

Greek legend of Helen and Menelaus is fact and fiction both
Helen’s love for Menelaus-Theseus well-known to the world
Two versions of this love story point to her love’s alteration 
“The face that launched a thousand ships” for Helen’s beauty
Loved Theseus and tricked him to kidnap her as per a book.
Other says,loved Menelaus,loathed Theseus so not exemplary.

We find in all love stories of world literature, the alterations
Shakespeare never steady, but changing with many examples
Romeo-Juliet,Othello-Desdemona,Sebastian-Olivia,all beauties
Sonnet 128, proclaims love as promiscuous, and pure love both
Pure stories of Marie-Pierre Curie, Queen Victoria-Albert of world
Neither a folklore nor a legend but realistic love in world book.

We do enjoy the beauty for example in altered love stories
though bookish but of both worlds of legend or make believe  
The beauty in both the records concerned we feel catharsis.

**Words chosen are: book, alterations, world, example, both, beauty**

Fourth place winner in:

Contest: Joy to the world sponsored by Deborah Guzzi