Watch Them Fall

Written by: Derek Ortiz

Hear them come trough the sky, now watch them fall on us all, it will kill, is over now,
we gonna go to heaven and let the world our, corpse to see, reveal the hate the world
holds for this life.

Bones covered by blood, we stand and watch, missile are falling down, warplanes, hazing
the sky, the clouds are turning grey and the waters black, the blood of our friends is
making a river on the streets.

A common strenght burying pleasures, now we look at the cross with reckless eyes, respect
for the dead, more fights, more of it to come, i saw them fall, you watched me die, what
was your first tough when the missiles strike down my lands?

Hold on, stop this now, loyalty wins the space, respect is unafected, get ready, we're
gonna die now, the earth is no longer ok, watch them fall, watch them bring beauty to the
world, you like it right, is what you wish for, now they hunt you down.

For a life well behaved, we are all innocent, deserve to remark the fact we all live ok,
so good when we cried for help and so soft the touch of mother, father fights war, i love
i can drink water again, but please don't forget we watch them fall...