Where is the Money

Written by: donny ingraham

Where is the money for the poor
There is enough to for war
When the rich go to war
The poor are the ones that suffer
Where is the money for education
Teachers work with what is given
Children raise money to keep programs alive
Where is the money for rehabilitation
Many see incarceration and learn nothing
Vocations have been taken away
When they return to their streets, what are they to do
Where is the money for health care
Many are afraid of becoming sick
Hospitals charge too much
The weight upon the poor crushes them
Where is the money for employment
Jobs go overseas
The rich increase their profits
At home the poor face foreclosure and go without food
Where is the money to keep children out of gangs
None bother to try to gaze within the future
But there is money to incarcerate them
Creating a cycle of that never ends
Where is money to change the world
To make a better future the rich pocket our future
Where is the money to use green energy
Big oil spend money to prevent it
Where is money
Where is the money