my ode

Written by: john loving iii

its very hard to say who i love the most
i love all poets from coast to coast
dickenson, poe, frost, shakespere 
an endless line of poets i fear
but when it comes to real poetry
and some not all may agree
there is none better than sorrow or greif
to bring to life ones poetry 
they awaken a ghost living inside me 
holding my attention ever so silently 
they share our spaces with a sombre pride 
tell their stories with tears in eyes 
they aim there words at broken hearts 
and with a tired line they start  
others unpoetic they wail 
but all from abuse and death they hail 
they bring the words that stir our equlibrium 
make us cry when our spirits meet with them
laughter and happiness they have their place
but saddness and toil you cannot erase
i'll screem my sorrows as high
as the listening skyes
rage with anger as if my soul died
and with my words dampen every eye
inspire, unite, defy, denigh and teach
make it seem as though i preach
make them look up to the stars
and think about there own scars

(I would have won that contest.)