Written by: Jimmy Anderson

As an inmate, holidays are very difficult, being away from family and loved ones, and the 
smell of food from the kitchen. This will be my last Thanksgiving and Christmas in this awful 
place.  So eat some turkey and pumpkin pie for me;)
     I want to wish you all a very special blessed Thanksgiving.  I want to name individual 
names for it's more personal.  Some of these names are great friends, a couple I hold dear 
to my heart, some I'm fond of, some are my favorite poets, and some just don't prejudge 
     So have a warm Thanksgiving; Marty Owens, Audrey Carey, Carolyn Devonshire, Ruben 
Ortellao, Jared Pickett, Madison Thomer, Syed Amaan Ahmad, Deb Wilson, Jayne Eggins, 
Constance La France, Linda-Marie, Francine Roberts, Carol Brown,
Dr. Ram Hehta, John Freeman, James Fraser, Celene Crescent, Sarah Hales, Robert L. 
Hinshaw, Scarlett Williams, Catie Lindsey, John Heck, Lynette Chachere, Andrea Dietrich, 
Wilma Neels, Nette onclaud, Princenella Casado, Hitendra Mehta
     Love you guys!  God Bless X  My address to say hello to me Jimmy M. Anderson
#0459587 P.O. Box 2405 Marion NC  28752  Also my email to send me friends request on 
facebook   andersonjimmy19@yahoo.com