Wallpapered, Soloed Nudity

Written by: verlecia fields

today i saw the ghost of wanting
and in his finest linens, he did dress    
he was made-up of may past-up, could of have been lovers
that would like to have had been 
Perhaps, maybe, surly possibly...
and in this ghost of greener grasses 
i have found no Peace

because in the wanting of a thing or person
self will lie 
so in this lie i twisted the truth 
and new (knew) love was not there for the doe (female of various mammals) of me 

so i will walk the halls of wallpapered, soloed nudity alone
and yet not the lonely soul of me, will be accompanied by you
never, to be moved with the passion of true  
that with (which) of nature that wants 
natural Sexual emotion 
siring (singing )under the waters of wheres and wants 
only to mix up unwanted thoughts 
no there be no shame  
only understanding 
that what will be will be
and wanting will not make it so...