Emptiness occupying whole house!

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

A mansion of little dreams with big hearts
Smiling faces seen to all the bypassers there
A night of evil vanquished the honest larks
Who knew the pain will penetrate to walls.
Merciless killings just for pieces of jewels
Even a two year innocence gasped but vain
Humanity was dressed with devilish mask
Crossed all boundaries leaving just red mark.
Leaps and bounds time has though passed
Still the spaciousness of rooms shout aloud
No one wishes to visit the silently dying house
Emptiness filled with voices of wicked disguise.
Brightly colored walls faded away with time
No soul capable enough to renew it back to life
The starkness of house takes place in and out
No being to claim a Flat named Home of love.
Emptiness fills images about history of house
Making it no more adorable place to reside
The hearts who laid it with true care died
Leaving just a shuderring base - without life