Written by: Betty Johnson

From the moment we met you took care of me
You made sure I had all I might need
You bought me drinks and you bought me flowers
You were trying so hard to succeed

First you won my heart, and then you won my body
I presented them gladly to you
You told me you loved me, that I was your world
So of course I thought I'd won you too

But then you moved in and the changing began
All though it was subtle at first
Yet still, we were married and now after eight years
I think this is you at your worst

Some women are guilty of trying to change
Their men into something they're not
But I would be happy if you'd just change back
I dont think that's asking a lot

You no longer defend me or make me feel special
I'm most likely expendable too
And I guess my thought process
doesn't work like yours does
I'd have taken that bullet for you.